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Re: Overdrive not engaging - I think

To: "Rick Neves _._" <Rick@genomictechnologies.com>
Subject: Re: Overdrive not engaging - I think
From: Dave & Marlene <rusd@velocitus.net>
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2004 13:50:51 -0700
Hi Rick,

  We have been through this before, a while back. 11/6/04 to be exact.
I think that 2500 in third OD would be about 43 mph. 43 mph in third
direct would be about 3200 rpm. The OD IS engaged in third.

It comes back to our earlier discussion. The throttle switch is not
opening or is somehow bypassed, or the OD relay is miss wired. From your
description, I doubt that the OD relay is defective. Try disconnecting
the throttle switch. Just lift one wire & tape it.

Good luck, I wish I could help more, but we don't live that close
together.  If you still have the schematic diagram that I sent, get
someone knowledgeable in electrics to help.

Dave Russell

Rick Neves _._ wrote:
 > I'm petty sure that the overdrive isn't engaging but I just wanted to
 >  check with the list. I can confirm that the lever, down on the
 > overdrive, is turned when the overdrive is being electrically
 > operated but I'm not feeling the overdrive switch in.
 > I'm doing about 43 mph in third gear at about 2500rpm. Does that
 > sound about right for a non-overdrive situation? I guess there is the
 >  chance that as soon as the unit goes into third or fourth that the
 > the overdrive is immediately being engaged. In know I'm having a
 > problem with a faulty relay (Overdrive is always on once its been
 > turned on one time - then thereafter its on as long as in 3rd or 4th
 > - need to turn of keyswitch to reset) Sincerely
 > Rick Neves '56 BN-2

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