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RE: Luggage Rack

To: "'Tracy Drummond'" <bighealey@charter.net>,
Subject: RE: Luggage Rack
From: "Tracy Drummond" <bighealey@charter.net>
Date: Thu, 8 Jun 2006 06:50:57 -0700

I posted some pics on my website.  Go to www.bighly.com click car photos
then Healey then rack-n-turd.  A bird took the liberty of making a deposit 
On the boot :-0  Anyway hope this helps.

I pressed out the old pins with a C clamp a bolt and a hollow spacer.  I
used a rag to protect the paint (not that it's great paint) from my

The stepped side of the chrome nut goes in the rack side and could be
reproduced with a lathe or something creative.  


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First no need to drill out the holes on the hinges.  There is a special
stepped bolt that is used in this application.

The lower attachment pieces could be fabricated easily with two triangular
Pieces of stock and some threaded rod since that's really all that is.

The legs should be shortened (about 4 1/2 inches) unless you want a rearview
mirror full of luggage.  It sits very high in it's stock configuration.

I can send photos or post them on my website if folks are interested.


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Subject: Luggage Rack

I just bought a luggage rack like the one Don Lenschow talked about in the
"Austin Healey Magazine" for May. It doesn't have the brackets that hold the
support legs to the lower trunk lip. The seller didn't know they should be
attached and I didn't know until I looked again at Don's pictures. Does
anyone have any ideas how to work around these missing parts or know where
they can be found?

How do the brackets that attach to the hinges? Looks like you could drive
out the press pins and substitute a bolt. Should the hinge pin holes be
drilled out for a larger bolt?

Thanks in advance.

Ned Smith


near Chattanooga, TN

N34.98 W85.5

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