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40th B-Day

To: "Healey List" <healeys@autox.team.net>
Subject: 40th B-Day
From: "James Sailer" <BJ8healey@msn.com>
Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2006 07:26:48 -0600
Greetings all....

I thought I would drop a line as my BJ8 is now 40 .. built June 10-13 1966
.... and she likely looks better than new... although at present she is on
jack stands awaiting new wheels and tires (having sold my 72 spoke chrome
wheels to go back to 60 spoke painted) .... am also in the process of changing
the rear pumpkin out as she seems to have chewed a bearing .. improper pinion
adjustment I suspect .... oh well .. it is only a project and I have a spare I
acquired to install my Lempert Gear Set .......   On another note my wife has
decided that we should acquire a Jag Mk2 .. she likes the look ..... so ... a
barn will be in the making to keep my Land Rover and one other vehicle out of
the elements prior to searching for one ....  another adventure ......

On another note,,  I am planning to be at the Heroes of Speed Historic Racing
event to be held at the Miller Motorsports Park Salt Lake City, Utah August
3-5 with my BJ8 .....  For those I had hope to meet in Nelson ..  I am on a
business trip in WA over that weekend and while I had hoped to drive up from
there I find the rental car company will not let me drive the car out of the
states ....

Jim Sailer
66 BJ8

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