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Re: Gasket Sealers

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Subject: Re: Gasket Sealers
From: Bob Spidell <bspidell@comcast.net>
Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2006 06:55:28 -0700
Good question, Ned.  Right up there with "what's the right oil" and 
"what size tire" ... should
get a lot of opinions.  Here's mine:

For a highly machined, flat surface a plain paper gasket is probably 
sufficient.  If in doubt,
or for greater tolerances--e.g. the timing gear cover--a thin film of 
Permatex Aviation
Form-A-Gasket works very well to complement the paper gasket.

Another thing to consider is "No Gasket" i.e. something like "Right 
Stuff" gasket in a
can.  This is (or is similar) to what most carmakers now use instead of 
gaskets, e.g.
on oil sumps.  I've used it successfully on differential covers when 
paper gaskets cost
$11 and were hard to get.  This should work well any place a cork gasket 
is used, as
well.   Would also probably work better than a paper gasket on the 
timing gear cover
(be sure to center the seal around the crank).  An interesting question 
is how/where to
run the bead; if it's a blind bolt hole (does not go through), run the 
bead inside the hole.
If it's a through hole (open to fluids), either run the bead outside the 
bolt hole, or inside
and outside, or inside and use a thread sealer on the bolt (or all three 
if you're really
anal ;)

If you're going to use the original cork--e.g. tappet covers--a thin 
film of Form-A-Gasket
or a small bead of RTF works well.  Go easy on the RTF, you don't want a 
chunk to get
in your oil gallery.


Ned Smith wrote:

>All the parts are in and I will start to reassemble the engine and
>transmission tomorrow.
>What is the feeling on the use of sealers? What type and where?
>In dismantling the engine I noticed that the only places sealers had been
>used were places previously repaired.
>Your comments are greatly appreciated.
>Ned Smith
>near Chattanooga, TN
>N34.98 W85.5
Bob Spidell         San Jose, CA        bspidell@comcast.net
'67 Austin-Healey 3000             '56 Austin-Healey 100M

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