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Re: Convertible Top Seals

To: "Alan Schultz" <alan@andysnet.net>,
Subject: Re: Convertible Top Seals
From: "Rich C" <richchrysler@quickclic.net>
Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2006 22:44:54 -0500
Hello all,

The end caps for the convertible top seals are not quite the same shape and 
proportions as the originals, but then neither are the seals themselves. 
Combine the two dissimilar parts and try to make them fit? Yeah, right!

Therefore a bit of careful cheating is in order. Carefully notch and cut out 
the inner V shaped portion so it can actually become trapped into the barbed 
portion of the seal. Test fit the cap over the end of the seal, making sure 
the end cap fits squarely onto the end of the seal. Clean the outside 
diameter of the rubber bulb and the inside of the cap with some isopropyl 
alcohol to remove any rubber mould release. Then apply 2 or 3 tiny drops of 
a gap filling instant ACC (Crazy Glue or equivalent, I go to a hobby shop 
and purchase one called Zap-a-Gap) to the rubber bulb and hold the cap 
firmly over it for a few seconds. That will lock the two together for ever. 
It will only come loose if you tear the rubber away.

Hope this helps.

Rich Chrysler

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From: "Alan Schultz" <alan@andysnet.net>
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Subject: Re: Convertible Top Seals

> This is one of the great mysteries. I tried several times to install
> these things only to have them come loose and fall off. I've tried
> silicone sealant (black) with poor results. I think the only solution
> might be to devise a mechanical fastening method. Pop rivet? Sewing
> thread? Any others?
> Is there someone out there with the answer and would it be possible for
> someone to post a picture of their installation (if any good solution
> exists)?
> Alan Schultz
> 67 HBJ8
> Ned Smith wrote:
>>My top does not have rubber end caps to finish the seals attached to the
>>cant rails. I bought enough R and L caps to do the job but I don't see how
>>they fit on the ends of the seals.

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