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Re: [Healeys] Stripped shock mount nut

To: "Steve B. Gerow" <steveg@abrazosdata.com>
Subject: Re: [Healeys] Stripped shock mount nut
From: Bob Spidell <bspidell@comcast.net>
Date: Sat, 12 Sep 2009 11:18:31 -0700
Sounds reasonable.  Split lockwashers gouge into the aluminum casting, thus 
relieving some of the tension on the bolt.  Belleville washers make more 
sense--if they're a larger diameter you're also applying more clamping force, 
just like a hardened flatwashwer.  The spring load would keep tension on the 
bolt, keeping it from loosening (like the locktite).

My objection to drilling out the shock mounting holes for oversized bolts is 
that you're removing metal from the already crack-prone mounting flange.


Steve B. Gerow wrote:
> FWIW - my car has 3 10mm x 1.5 bolts added by a PO and I've been using spring 
>steel belleville washers under all the 
> shock bolts for years - no loctite and none of them has ever loosened.

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