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[Healeys] Friday Funny - A.A.A.D.D.

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Subject: [Healeys] Friday Funny - A.A.A.D.D.
From: Jaap Aeckerlin <j.aeckerlin@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 2009 20:54:19 +0200
*Age Activated Attention Deficit Disorder*

These are the symptoms:

- You decide to wash the car. You walk to the car but see the mail on the
table. Okay, you are going to wash the car but decide to have a look at your
mail first. You put your keys on the table, sort the ad folders out of the
mail and note that the trash bin is full.
So, you drop the mail, including some bills, on the table and put the trash
bin outside. Or no, better pay the bills first. Where is the check book?
Oops, only one check left. Where is the new check book - it should be in the
cupboard upstairs. Ah.... there is you glass with Coke you were looking for
earlier. But before searching for the new check book you decide to put the
Coke glass further away from the keyboard - image you hit the glass and
spoil Coke all over the keyboard. Ah - best idea is to put the glass in the
fridge. That way it stays cool. You move to the kitchen and note that the
plants on the windowsill look terrible - they are in urgent need of some
water. You put the Coke glass on the sink and hurray - there are your
sunglasses! You had been looking for them all morning. You put the glasses
aside before you forget them again, pick up a small can, fill it with water
and depart for the plants. Aaaaargh!  Someone left the sender for the TV in
the kitchen! If we want to watch TV tonight no-one will remember he or she
left it in the kitchen, so you better put this one in the living room. You
go back to the plants, pour some water, throw the sender on a pillow in your
chair and return to the central hall. What the heck were you going to do

At the end of the day your car is still dirty, the bills have not been paid,
your Coke is still on the sink, the plants didn't get sufficient water, you
still have one check and you can't find your car keys any more.......

You try to find out why nothing was done today. You don't understand,
because you've been busy all day. You then start to realize that you have a
serious problem and that you are in urgent need of professional help, but
decide to check your e-mails first.....

And then you read this message, and you sigh with relief. It has a name:

Jack Aeckerlin, The Netherlands
1964 BJ8 29432
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