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[Healeys] caliper rebuild

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Subject: [Healeys] caliper rebuild
From: "George Vernau Sr" <gvernau@containerhouse.com>
Date: Mon, 28 Sep 2009 15:51:12 -0500
Thanks to everyone who responded- you were really a big help.  I pulled the 
caliper off
yesterday  and put 100 psi air to it just to see what happened. One of the 
pistons had
lots of bubbles so I assume that was the leak.  When I removed the seals I 
found that I
had not damaged them during installation but I think they were low quality to 
start with- 
they looked like they had been cut with a hack saw- sort of wavy, scalloped 
edges. I also 
checked a few unused seals from Moss left over from the last attempt and they 
have the 
same lousy appearance.  Anyway, I ordered a new high quality seal kit today 
from the 
Nock's at British Car Specialists along with some red rubber grease and will 
get it right this time.
Thanks again-
George Vernau Sr
1967 BJ8
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