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Re: [Healeys] "too many recipients" delays

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Subject: Re: [Healeys] "too many recipients" delays
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Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2019 06:42:12 -0800
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Thanks for ALL your efforts on our behalf.

Cheers, Alan

> If a messgae to a list has 5 or more addresses in the 'From: ' field it
> gets held for my review.  The Feb. 12th message about the Hall of Fame
> which I just approved had 5.
> The reason for this restriction is that a lot of spam that comes from a
> hijacked email address will have a long list of targets. The hijacked
> address is on the list, so it passes the membership test.  I did
> recently have one such message go through to the NOBBC list, and one to
> the datsun-roadsters list, but it is rare they get through.  Guys like
> me who just do the lists as a part time thing have trouble keeping up
> with all the latest tricks that bad guys have for getting their spam
> through the system, but in general you rarely see spam coming through
> the Team Net server undetected.  And speaking of the server, the
> unofficial fund drive drive for a new one has netted $192.75 from 5
> different contributors thus far.  I have yet to receive any paper
> checks, so far just Paypal contributions.
> And I can say that as of the moment there are no further held messages
> for the healeys list in the queue,


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