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[Healeys] Alternator Is “Humming”

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Subject: [Healeys] Alternator Is “Humming”
From: "R. Lindsay" <050.rpl@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 5 Jul 2019 17:06:14 -0400
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I have been trying to find the source of a parasitic draw of power from my 
battery for the past several weeks.  FWIW, I have lost 0.75 volts on the charge 
over the last 4 days.  This seems like a lot.

When I remove the cable from the negative terminal of the battery (its a 
negative ground car) connect one end of my ammeter onto the negative terminal 
on the battery and the other end to the cable removed from the battery, the 
ammeter (set to read current of less than 10A) does not register a draw.  
However, when I use a 12 volt light and connect it to the same points`, the 
light goes on ever so slightly.  

Today I noticed a very faint humming from the alternator and it was a little 
warmer to the touch than the other parts of the engine. When I disconnect the 
alternator from the solenoid, the humming went away and when I tested it with 
the light the light did not light up - no draw.  I canâ??t see anywhere else 
the draw could be coming from.  Iâ??ve pulled all the fuses one by one to see 
if there is power being drawn from each circuit - with the alternator hooked 
up, there is no draw registered.  

This is the second new alternator Iâ??ve had on the car in the last 60 days.  I 
had the issue before I exchanged the old alternator and the problem continued 
when I installed it.  Could it be another bad alternator??  Are alternators 
exceptionally sensitive or just not made very well these days?

Thank you for any light that can be shed on this.

Price Lindsay
67 BJ8
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