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Subject: [Healeys] Sprite engine #
From: i erbs <eyera3000@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 5 Jul 2019 17:13:08 -0700
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Howdy all
Where is the engine # ID plate on a 65 Sprite?
Is it on the driver or passenger side of engine on a lhd car?

Ira Erbs
Portland, OR
typos and artifacts are the fault of my phone

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<div dir=3D"auto">Howdy all<div dir=3D"auto">Where is the engine # ID plate=
 on a 65 Sprite?</div><div dir=3D"auto">Is it on the driver or passenger si=
de of engine on a lhd car?<br><br><div data-smartmail=3D"gmail_signature" d=
ir=3D"auto">Ira Erbs<br>Portland, OR<br>typos and artifacts are the fault o=
f my phone</div></div></div>


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