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Subject: Question
From: streepey <>
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2000 19:18:49 -0800
A question of little importance.  I have a '53 MG TD, basically all
original, with original head and valves/valveseats.  I have three and
one-half quarts of tetraethyl lead that I have been using at one ounce per
gallon ( 1/2 the recommended amount).

There does not seem to be a source of lead available anywhere ( I know its
illegal).  Correspondence here and elsewhere has suggested that there is
probably so much lead imbedded in the valve seats that it is not a problem.

The car is mostly used to travel to and from British Car Gatherings and
similar events. - although some trips are fairly hard driving over hills
and dales through the Northern Calif. foothills.

My question ??? To conserve my 3 1/2 quarts of lead, what would you do??

1)   Use at one ounce per gallon until its gone
2)   Cut back and use every other tankfull at one ounce per gallon
3)   Use one half ounce per gallon
4)   All or none of the above.
5)   PUNT - don't bother us

Any ideas Thanks

Lee '53 MG "The Pumpkin"

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