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RE: Need Help ASAP/Overdrive

To: Robert Allen <>
Subject: RE: Need Help ASAP/Overdrive
From: Ernest <>
Date: Tue, 08 Oct 96 12:44:17 -0700
The OD driveshaft is 2 inches longer than the non OD, and the rear trannie 
support has to move 2 inches forward. The non OD driveshaft WILL NOT stretch 
for an OD.

From:   Robert Allen <>
Sent:   Tuesday, October 08, 1996 1:25 AM
To:     Douglas Gaither <>
Cc:     MG List <>
Subject:        Re: Need Help ASAP/Overdrive

Douglas Gaither wrote:
> I have been told that the overdrive needs a special overdrive version of
> the transmission.  Is this true?

Off the top of my head:

1) An overdrive needs the output shaft from the transmission to 
   match. Non-overdrives have a relatively long output shaft. The OD 
   units just have a stub that splines into the OD unit.

2) I assume you know that the overdrives from 4-synchro trannys 
   is different than 3-synchro trannies and you need to have the 
   right one. Parts catalogs have the correct names (Vicki B).

3) There is some controversy as to whether the driveshaft will fit. 
   In any case it is fractions of an inch different. The pragmatists 
   say it don't matter and the purists swear there is an important 
   difference. If I remember right, the OD driveshaft has a different
   stock number and is fractionally longer than normal dirveshaft.

Bob Allen, Kansas City, 69 MGC/GT

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