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To: mgs <>
Subject: RE: MIDGETS
From: Patrick Elliott <>
Date: Wed, 09 Oct 96 10:33:00 PDT
I'd like to add that I have one of the earliest "midgets" a 1962 Austin 
Healey Mk II Sprite. No offense to Bugeye's, But I think Spridget line is 
the best of the bunch.
 I wouldn't go near a "B" . They are far to  big for my taste.
From: mgs-owner
To: mgs
Subject: MIDGETS
Date: Wednesday, October 09, 1996 12:57PM


  Midgets are the best MGs made.  Take all the overdrivin', four syncro
lovin', 5-main havin' MGBs and then find the lowest common denominator--
The Midget.  The essence of the sportscar- the earlier the better because
even midgets "improved" as the years went on.  Yes, the midgets are
smaller, but I wouldn't trade mine for any B in the world.  If you really
want to be connected to the road with go-cart handling and feel like your
doing a hundred (sound like it too) when your doing 55 it should be the
midget.  These autos are infinitely modifiable to anything you want to do--
engine, suspension, transmission-- there must be two million different ways
to make it better and that is half the fun.  I started with a rust free
$300 midget 10 yrs ago and have never been the same since.
  Whatever you decide to get, have fun.  And don't let other peoples bias
:^) make you decision for you.  Drive any you are interested in.

Brust Roethler
64 Midget
69 Midget

"He who sheds his blood with me today, shall be my brother."
Wm. Shakespeare

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