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A great day in St. Louis!

Subject: A great day in St. Louis!
Date: Mon, 14 Oct 1996 14:55:46 -0400
It's 75 degrees & clear, the Cardinals are up 3 to 1 on Atlanta,  and my
American luxury sedan puked its' power steering pump yesterday so I have to
drive my 35 year old MGA all day...I could not ask for more (except maybe the
fourth win tonight)!

On the practical side, I am about to atempt to install a new radio in my
positive ground car.  Since I have a wood IP and the case & mounting bracket
will be insulated, I intend to wire it as suggested by the radio
manufacturer: positive on the radio to the positive(ground) of the car,
negative of the radio to the negative(harness) of the car. Why should it
matter to the radio how the current flow gets there?  I will have a line fuse
ahead of the radio.  Any experience out there?  Any suggestions?
I don't want to let any smoke out of the harness since everything has been
perfect since the restoration. 
Thanks in advance.
GO CARDINALS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tom McCarthy 

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