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Re: Not for purists!

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Subject: Re: Not for purists!
Date: 14 OCT 96 12:21
>Philipe,,,Is that your GT on Doug Gaither's home page?  The giveaway is
 the license plate "TINTIN".  What is the story behind that name.  Great
 looking GT...just stay away from salt water1

<Best regards, Jim Boyd, Paradise (God's Country!), CA

 Yup!  I'm working on the interior.  I need to replace the headliner, and
I'll need to brew up another five gallons in order to have enough homebrew
on hand for the task...
  TINTIN is a French (Belgian) comic strip character that started in the
thirties, and is still very popular today.  In fact, there are Tintin
cartoons on cable TV...  His dog, who shared all of his adventures and
always maintained a running commentary, is named MILOU, the name and
license plate on my '57 MGA.  When I get a decent picture of MILOU,
I'll send that to Doug, also...
  I promise not to drive on the beach.  I have the Trooper for that!

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