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RE:To strip or not to strip... that is the ?

Subject: RE:To strip or not to strip... that is the ?
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 1996 14:04:25 -0400
On 10/22/96 you wrote:
I'm struggling with a decision and I'd like your input.

  I purchased a '66B in July of this year.  The motor was toast and has 
been removed and is at the local specialist being rebuilt ($1,800)  So I 
started out stripping the engine bay to repaint it (color change).  

  The car does need to be painted.  I was originally planning on 
finishing all the mechanicals and then having it painted and put in a new 
interior.  But a little voice is saying to me "Strip everything off the 
car, paint it, and then re-assemble it.  C'mon Doug, let's do it the 
'RIGHT' way!"

Doug :

When I was first initiated into the wonders of LCB's, I did as you first
proposed.  Mechanicals first, and as you, while I had the engine out, I had
the engine compartment painted...ORANGE.

I was young, and I thought that all sports cars needed to be bright colors.
 Everybody had a red car, so I picked Super Beetle Orange.

Trying to keep things simple, I asked the painter to mask off as much of the
engine compartment do-dahs (brake lines, etc.) as possible.

(year 3) Well by the time I got around to painting the rest of the car, the
color choice had changed from Orange to Black.  But because the engine was
running fine, we skipped the engine compartment. (are you picturing this?  I
would be a 1st choice candidate for VDPO-very dumb prior owner)

(year 5)British cars being how they are, the clutch went out..Perfect
opportunity to strip and refinish the engine compartment the right
way..Removed front clip.  Orange paint on everything.  Had to hand clean
brake lines, fuse box, you name it, wiring harness..everything had catalized
orange acrylic enamel on it.  What a Mess.  While the finished job looked
good, it would not have cost any more to do it right the first time, although
the whole car would probably ended up Orange :O

(year 8)  Found a friend who mid-project split up with his SO, and I got a
great deal on a near-perfect body shell.  Stripped and painted it the right
way, and it only took one winter.  Kept driving the first car while the
second body was being completed. (3rd color:  Metalic Black Cherry) Since I
had the mechanicals just the way I wanted them on the first car, I simply
took them out one at a time, cleaned and put them on the new car.

(year 12)  Still making little changes here and there.  Probably always will.

David Riker
69 Midget--ongoing restoration--Orange? What was I thinking?

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