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Common denominator on Dash Pot Oil

Subject: Common denominator on Dash Pot Oil
From: (John P. Quinn)
Date: Fri, 25 Oct 1996 09:28:17 -0500
Well, this dash pot oil thing has been interesting.

It seems folks use just about everything except Sludge from the bottom of
the Trinity River here in Dallas.

Some people feel very strongly about what goes in there.  I never knew going
outside of reg oil was so common.  I thought as a suggestion MMO was a sort
of weird thing yet maybe a good idea that no one thought of..

Heres a list of what I've seen used:

1.   Nothing at all 
2.   Automatic transmission fluid of a couple of diff brands
3.   Marvel Mystery Oil
4.   3-in-1 oil 
5.   Hypoy gear oil
6.   WD-40
7.   Mineral oil
8.   20W motor oil 
9.   30W motor oil 
10.  10W40 motor oil 
11.  20W50 motor oil 
12.  A handy Dandy squirt bottle of  ?something?  from Moss Motors

This is starting to look like what ever may have been laying around in the
garage when one discovereed they needed to lube the carbs!

Being a major Dura-Lube fan for 6 years now, I topped off my carbs 2 days
ago with this new stuff they have out which is an All Purpose Lubricate.
Looked kinda lite weight (Sorta Like WD-40) , so now I have a 50/50 mix of
20W50 and Dura-Lube All Purpose.  So I guess thats a new one for the list.
I wont top it off again with that, but I will switch to a 20W crude oil and
let the Dura-Lube work it's magic.

Jay Quinn    -     '62 Austin-Healey MKII Sprite
PGP Encryption Key Upon Request

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