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TD oil pump

Subject: TD oil pump
From: (John W. Dean)
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 1996 02:14:48 GMT
Hi, all:

I'm having a problem that is giving me more trouble than I would expect.
I'm about to start the engine on a TD that hasn't been run in several
years, and I felt that I should crank up oil pressure before attempting
to fire it up.  I have primed the pump by pumping oil into the oil
gallery on the side of the engine, and by opening a plug on the top of
the oil filter housing and pouring oil in there until it runs out of the
oil gallery.  I've also had the pan off and inspected the pickup and
drive, which are fine.  The car has the later style pump, with a regular
canister type filter.

The pump won't come off the side of the engine without some disassembly
of the steering shaft, and raising the motor up off its mounts.  I would
like to avoid doing that.  I figure that it should pump alright --
though I've never seen the engine run, I know it had oil pressure the
last time it was run.  Does anyone know a trick for priming this pump?
I've been through this with other cars, but never had so much trouble.

John Dean
Charlottesville, VA USA

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