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Re: TD oil pump

To: "John W. Dean" <>
Subject: Re: TD oil pump
From: "Vince J. Pujalte" <>
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 1996 20:48:51 -0800
  You can use an "engine pre-oiler". This device is used by professional 
engine rebuilders. You can probably borrow/rent this locally. Basically, 
it is a pressurized container containing 1-4 qts of motor oil and is 
connected to the block at the oil pressure sending unit port. After 
ensuring a good seal, a valve is opened which charges the entire 
lubrication system. I borrowed one from the engine rebuilder for my 
car (1500 Midget) and it worked great. Hope this helps.

'78 Midget "Betsy"
San Antonio, Texas

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