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Re: Best plugs to use - More curious questions

To: Jay Quinn <>
Subject: Re: Best plugs to use - More curious questions
From: Aron Travis <>
Date: Tue, 03 Jun 1997 21:09:38 -0700
Jay Quinn wrote:
> OK, I hear Platinum aren't worth it, then I hear they are..

I use the Autolite single platinum plugs in both my '72 and '78
Midgets (all cars actually, but that's a longer list). I think that these
are the best platinum plugs as the platinum piece is a disk as large
as a normal spark plug, plus they still cost under $2 at my local Pep
Boys store. The down side is that they're plain steel, not stainless.
There is also a Autolite double platinum plug, with platinum
disks on both sides of the spark plug. This sounds like a good idea to
me except that they cost over $4 each, and that is just too much.
I think platinum is worth it, better starts, gas mileage, longevity,
less fouling. I would say that they last three times as long as a
regular spark plug.

Bosch platinums have a wire sized platinum piece which is too small.

> I hear Nippon, Bosch, etc....

For regular plugs I think NGK is the best.

> What about Splitfire? 


-Aron Travis-
"always in a automotive frenzy"

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