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Re:Amazing gas mileage!

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Subject: Re:Amazing gas mileage!
From: "G.J." <>
Date: Thu, 12 Jun 1997 18:50:25 -0300 (ADT)
>I just went on about a 750 mile trip in my '72 MGB, for a job interview (
>and for a conjugal visit).  Before I left, I had been getting about 26
>mpg (imp., 31 mpUSg.).  I did some tuning, but the only major change was
 I mean, about 22.  I had the wrong formula in my spreadsheet to convert
mpIMPg to mpUSg; divided by .83 instead of multiplied. Oh, that's what you
were talking about (Kirk). :>

>that I leaned the carbs back a bit (used Colortune).  On the next tank I
>got the same (27 mpg), but the second tank, I got 39 MPG! (47mpUSg) I

>thought there was a problem with my fuel guage, when the odometer was
>reading 200miles and it was just under a half tank.  I added 7 litres and
>kept going until 340 miles on the odometer!  I couldn't believe it.

My latest tank was 36 mpg (30mpUSg), so I guess it wasn't a fluke: 75% top
up(highway).  It's been warm and she's leaned out.  Best I've got in the
past is about 28mpg.

Unfortunately, I can't afford to insure 2 cars, so the mgb must make way
for my offroad research vehicle (a 4wd subaru) for about 2.5 weeks of
fieldwork. Bummer.  I'm glad I have an understanding insurance company.
Ususally lets me change my insurance back and forth between vehicles. No

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