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Re: Scarborough Faire and NOS Locators

To: John Middlesworth <>
Subject: Re: Scarborough Faire and NOS Locators
From: Robert Allen <>
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 1997 22:43:07 +0100
Yep. A Midget Windsheild. The box they ship is very impressive (and
expensive). If you can get a couple others to get new glass, too, you
can split the cost of the carton. Im any case, NOS did what they said
they would do on that deal.

OTOH -- A friend just got a brand new dented bumper from then. When he
called them, they said yes, send it back, and we'll send you another
dented bumper -- this batch all came in this way....


Bob Allen, Kansas City, '69CGT, '75TR6

John Middlesworth wrote:
> The Hemmings ads that NOS runs would appear to offer the best deal going
> on windshield glass.  Is there a better choice?  Has anyone on the list
> bought glass from them and been pleased?

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