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RE: Advanced Questions

To: "'Christopher M. Delling'" <>
Subject: RE: Advanced Questions
From: David Hall <>
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 1997 12:47:14 -0700

I have tried the advance until ping, and settled on about 25 BTDC.  I =
have some type of hot cam (ppo), Crane ignition, HIF-4, and tuned =
exhaust.  I might try going up on the advance more and see what happens.

David M. Hall
74 Midget

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From:   Christopher M. Delling []
Sent:   Wednesday, June 18, 1997 12:04 PM
Subject:        Advanced Questions

Well, I finally got my 77B back on the road after my overdrive
transmission fiasco.  Suffice to say that the box is rebuilt, and
shifting merrily along.=20

My attention now turns towards tuning.  Some details:  Weber DGV, Crane
Ignition, Lucas European spec (hot advance curve) dizzy, and Lucas 40KV
Sport coil, old style cast-iron exhaust manifold, with O.E. style

To sum it up, this thing was a dog.  I was afraid to pull along side a
Yugo at a stop light.  A friend who has driven literally dozens of B's
of all vintages, agreed that it was a dog.

I talked to the helpful folks at Britek (from whom I bought above
referenced dizzy and coil).  I had the advance set at 15=B0 BTDC at idle
with the vac advance disconnected and plugged.  Their opinion was that I
needed much more advance, due to the probable advanced wear on my stock
cam.  They suggested as much as 45=B0 if I got no knock.  I questioned
this - specifically with regards to overheating concerns.  The response
was that with the low compression late model engines, that it was not
possible to overheat due to too much advance.

I adjusted the timing to around 30-35=B0, and it did indeed improve =
greatly, and no knock. =20

So, what does the list think.  Did I get good advice, or am I
potentially damaging somthing with this setup?


Chris Delling

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