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Re: Front End Rebuild Questions

Subject: Re: Front End Rebuild Questions
From: Aron Travis <>
Date: Thu, 19 Jun 1997 20:52:58 -0700
First, let me preface by saying that my experience is with Midgets,
but IMHO similar enough for me to comment.

wake@DIXIENET.COM wrote:
> I have decided it is time to rebuild the front end of my 73 B. 
> 1.  How do I know which bushings etc. need replacing, or should I just
> go ahead and replace them all?

Replace them all. It's cheap, easy, and 'while you're at it....'
> 2.  If I purchase the "Major Suspension Kit" ($120) from Moss, I believe
> I have to have someone "ream" the Kingpins.  How hard is it to find
> someone to do this for me, and how much should it cost?

If B king pins are the same as Midgets, ie a little end and a big end,
then you will probably have to mail them out. I've tried very hard to
find a local machine shop(central FL) to ream mine, with no success.
I am probably going to mail mine to Apple Hydraulics.
The problem is that they can ream them seperatly, but they might not
be centered to each other. You need one tool/reamer to ream both at

> 3.  Does it make more sense to just spend the extra and buy the
> "Rebuilt/Exchange Swivel Assemblies" that are available for 300 to 350
> dollars?  These come with the kingpin bushings already pressed into
> place and reamed to fit the new kingpins..

I would only buy the rebuilt swivel axle if my spindles were damaged.
If your spindles are good (where the wheel bearings go) then I wouldn't
bother with the extra expence. VB wants $540 for their Midget swivel
axle sets, ouch!

> 4.  Anything else I
> should go ahead and replace while everything is torn apart..

Clean and paint. Look for cracks. Lower springs? Replace the rubber
suspension bumpers if they're cracked too. Tie rod ends? Brake 
hoses/pads? Check play in the damper. Steering gators? Wheel bearings?
'while I'm at it' can make mountains......

-Aron Travis-
"always in a automotive frenzy"

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