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Re: Oil Cooler - Which union to use ?

To: Bill Schooler <>
Subject: Re: Oil Cooler - Which union to use ?
From: Jeff Fayne <>
Date: Sat, 21 Jun 1997 22:38:55 -0500
Bill Schooler wrote:

> Jeff,
> I'm gonna go out on a limb here and not run out and check my car, but
> what I believe
> you have in part number 435-590 is the adapter that fits into the oil
> filter housing,
> not the block.  One oil cooler hose goes to the oil filter housing,
> the other to that
> fitting towards the rear of the block.  Aren't you just replacing the
> line that goes
> from the rear of the block to the oil filter housing with the oil
> cooler assembly?

Yes, I'm replacing that line, but what has me perplexed is that the kit
instructions state that the included adapter (the one that looks very
much like 435-590) goes in the block, implying that the adapter with the
extension gets replaced.

If I read the oil path diagram in my manual correctly, installing an
adapter that doesn't have this extension would allow oil that should
enter the main bearings to enter the cooler hose instead. The extension
(as I read it) closes off the main galley allowing oil to proceed to the
rearmost main bearing an onwards thru the "system". The extension
provides a return path from the "system" to the oil cooler and the

Or am I reading it all wrong?

The other strange part is that if I use the included union in the block,
there is no way it will set deep enough to be able to use a copper
washer on it.


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