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Re: used air pump wanted, circa '76

Subject: Re: used air pump wanted, circa '76
Date: Sat, 3 Apr 1999 18:52:35 EST
In a message dated 4/3/99 2:16:19 PM Central Standard Time, 

<< Check out your local NAPA dealer. They have a replacement pump that is a 
 match for the Hitachi Lucas original. The cost was about $66 plus $22 core. 
 The NAPA P/N is 51-4713. I purchased mine in '97, so adjust the price 
 accordingly. It comes with a bracket for the mounting/adj of the belt. Good 
 luck.  You will need to swap over your pulley. I saved my original core just 
 if someone starts rebuilding them.
 Ray Easterby
 72 BGT >>


I took the air pump off my '73 B to Hi Lo Auto Parts about three years ago 
and got it rebuilt for $75 (as I recall). I took them about three weeks.

R. Johnson - Dallas

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