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stupid radiator!

Subject: stupid radiator!
From: Josef Kurtz <>
Date: Sat, 10 Apr 1999 09:48:24 -0400 (EDT)
well, i guess i forgot the annual spring sacrifice to the dark lord, so i
have been punished. (silly me for planning on taking off the hard top
thisw weekend)

driving home last night in haevy traffic, and the temp gauge starts to go
up, and up and up and up.  up past the red.  but, i am less than a mile
from home, so i get it there (praying to not smell burning antifreeze).

come out this morning, and check oil.  fine.  add water to the raditator,
and it get taking more.  then a minute later, i nice green fluid starts to
come out from the radiator.  looking down, (this is in a 79B) it appears
to be coming from the bottom right, where the hose connects.  but, it does
not appear to be a loose hose.

i then had to leave this morning, so i havent had a chance to check things
over yet (it was fun having to RUN to work).  so, have have a number of

1.  i plan on pulling the radiator to check for hoses, etc.  i have never
done this.  any warnings i should know about?

2.  assume it is the radiator, what can i expect?  should i order a new
one, or is it worth getting it fixed?  (at this point, i am listening to
any and all distributors out there)

3.  after running the engine extremely hot for ~5 min, do i need to
replace the temp sensor?  should i check the head?  have i totally screwed

4.  do i need to check teh water pump as well?  how should i do this?

5.  what small animals are appeasing the dark one this spring?  i had
hoped that biting the heads off of the pink marshmellow peeps and sucking
the insides of carburry cream eggs would have done it, but i guess not.  

thanks for everyone's help!


Josef Kurtz
PhD Candidate in 200?         
Program in Immunology                   1979 MGB:  Nikki
Harvard Medical School                  "Safety Fast!"

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