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RE: That's what you get when you don't DIY.

To: "Jason Dutt" <>, <>
Subject: RE: That's what you get when you don't DIY.
From: Joe Short <>
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 08:54:32 -0400
I did this conversion on my '75 MGB about a 8 years ago (swithched back to the 
lever arms since) Yes, you do need some type of Oil in there to lubricate 
I used motor oil.

>===== Original Message From "Jason Dutt" <> =====
>Well, back to the mysterious shaking car.  While I was rotating the tires
>for phase 1 of my troubleshooting, I checked the front hydraulic shocks, to
>see if I could tell if the specialist had remembered to remove the valve.
>Unfortunately, the bolt that retains the valve didn't look like it had been
>touched in a millenium.  I called him today and asked him about it, and he's
>not sure if he did it or not.  In fact, he's leaning toward "not."  Well, I
>guess that explains why the front seemed so much stiffer than the rear with
>the same damper settings.  ARRGGH!
>No big deal.  He's going to take them out, and check the shock for excessive
>wear in the a-arms at no charge.  It's just annoying when people don't do
>what they're supposed to.  (Please, let's not have another tirade about
>wives mixing up parts shipments. <g>)
>This does raise a question:  Since he probably didn't do anything with the
>old shocks like he was supposed to, does anyone know definitively whether or
>not to fill the old shocks with hydraulic fluid after the valve is removed,
>or not?  It seems the fluid would need to be there in order to lubricate the
>a-arms, but I'm not familiar with their construction.
>BTW:  Just to refresh your memory, this is a car with a SPAX front shock
>absorber conversion installed.

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