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MGA still won't Turn Over

To: "''" <>
Subject: MGA still won't Turn Over
From: Perry Robinson <>
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 16:15:22 -0500
Hey again, My A still won't turn over. I checked all the grounds, and even
jumped the power straight to the starter from a running vehicle;  with the
spark plugs out, it spins like a top, with them in, it won't even turn over
one complete revolution.  

This has nothing to do with ignition or timing; I tried it with the ignition
off, and the plug wires off the plugs.

The parts house where I got the starter retested it and says there is
nothing wrong with it.

Does anyone know of a good reliable supplier of starters for the MGA?
Victoria British sells them rebuilt without a core charge for around $70.00.
Is this a good deal?  Has anyone ever bought a starter from them?

I need all the input I can get.


1961 MGA 1600
1979 TR7-V8

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