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Re: more consistent metallic clunk

Subject: Re: more consistent metallic clunk
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 1999 23:01:01 -0400 (EDT)
>Hi all,
>   Chapter 1 was a transmission related clunk - I thought.
>Chapter 2 was a changing of
>the tranny oil ... messy but done and no metallic chunks.
>  Here's chapter 3 and I
>request suggestions from the knowledgeable and even the notso if they make
>        A metallic clunk occurs every time I lift my foot from the gas and
>a second clunk occurs when I put pressure so the pedal moves down.
> I don't have to change gears. I only have to change the
>driveshaft from loaded to not loaded or pressured to unpressured...what is
>the terminology to use when one changes from active driving to ?inactive-when
>the gas pedal is not under foot pressure?
>       In other words, when the B changes from gas to no gas while in gear,
>this metalic clunk occurs and it occurs in the opposite transition as well.


U-Joint! U-Joint! U-Joint! Keep driving and you will probably hear that
steady rythmic speed dependent clunk-clunk-clunk upon deceleration, and a
single clunk upon acceleration. I might ask a lot of dumb questions about
B's myself, but I've had this problem and rectified it on a few other
vehicles: My Spitfire had FOUR of them.

I would be very surprised if this was not the problem. It's not hard to
take the driveshaft out (just dirty, especially without a lift), and
u-joints themselves aren't expensive to buy.  Try to do the whole job
yourself, and if you get stuck, just take the whole shaft to any corner
service station you trust, and they should be able to get it ready to
re-install for not too much money.


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