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B steering wheel needed

To: "MGs" <>
Subject: B steering wheel needed
From: "Lonn Howard" <>
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 1999 06:47:51 -0700
I would like to put a smaller wheel in the BGT.  The original is so big
that it hardly leaves any leg room.  My wife is a small person but it
still gets in her way.  Does anybody have a smaller wheel and hub for a
70 B that they would like to part with?  I could always order the
correct hub if yours is for a different year.
Lonn Howard
'70 TR6  -mine
'71 TR6  -in my garage
'70 MGB GT  -ours
'89 Saab Turbo Convertible  -hers

"We are but temporary custodians with an obligation of preservation."

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