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Re: Seat Kits

To: David Moore <>
Subject: Re: Seat Kits
From: Scott Hower <>
Date: Wed, 1 Sep 1999 06:45:06 -0700 (PDT)

Good to hear!  

> Questions;
> When actually clipping cover, front or back first?

I started front and then clipped the back.      

> Finish screw on lower side of seat, any hints on
> lining that up?

I dont remember what I did here, probably took a deep breath and poked
a hole with an awl.  I do remember
having to stuff the "pockets" with heavy card to 
get the right shape.  

The seat back adjustor hole can be tapped with a hammer and this should
mark a square right where you need to cut (actually, I think tapping
cut mostly
through the cover.)  

One other tip for final assembly- do NOT put any glue
on the MIDDLE panel of the the seat back cushion or
cover - regardless of what the instructions say.

If you glue the middle, in 6mos time you will have a
wavy seatback with spots where the glue holds and
spots where it doesn't.  If you still have the old cover and foam, use
it as a model for where to glue.  

The seat bottom cover should be glued to the foam in the center part
ONLY, then folded over the cushion.    
Good luck!

Scott Hower ->

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