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Rear spring replaced

Subject: Rear spring replaced
Date: Mon, 6 Sep 1999 10:00:06 +0200
When you read this, remember that my Norwegian is much better :-)

I decided to try to remove the front bolts on my rear springs. Sandvik no
509 did the trick. A handle where you can put a hacksaw blade in.
Managed to get the blade between the chassie mount and the spring, from then
only sweat and pain. Had to cut both ends of the bolt, 20 mins, each end of
the bolt. Now only some ( missing, somewhere on the floor probably) washers,
and the last Koni will be in place, THEN driving again.
The rear mount, the schackle plate, how much should they be tightened ? It
is possible to screw the nut, till the end off the threads, that means that
the rubber bushes is pressed together with a lot of force. Or should the
nuts be tightened 'just enough' ?? Any hints ?

Also, somebody, mentioned that the rear was to high, when he replaced the
rear spings, but that this was OK after half a year. Is this what I can
expect ?
Jon Arikstad
1970 MGB GT ( on two wheels, and two jack stands at the moment, but later

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