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Subject: Re: McGovern Leaves....
From: "Neil Cotty" <>
Date: Fri, 10 Sep 1999 14:48:05 +1000
> > NO LOSS!   Honestly now, is there much that particularly says either
> or
> > "beautiful car" about the MGF?  I guess its a nice car by the numbers
> sold,
> > but it doesnt' look like an MG or anything particularly special. Gerry

Err I'd have to disagree with that, the MGF to me does look like an modern
MG, especially at the front. At the rear, it looks very mid engined and
plain, which it is. Even though I would not buy one myself, because the
design is simply not inspirational enough to me (I love the Elise for
instance) to fork out the substantial $$, but I can still see some MG
lineage in there. Whats more important, and living in Australia where MGF's
are super common, it's just wonderful to see the badge! I remember getting
quite emotional the first time I saw one. I hadn't seen anything MG badged
since my Dad had an MG Montego Turbo in NZ, and that wasn't close to a
sports car (even if it went like stink <G>). Almost a modern Magnette if you

No I applaud the simple fact that we have a capable new MG, and can't wait
until (if) BMW makes another. The market, IMO has been well and truely
proven. These little cars are everywhere here in Sydney! Things can only get
better. As for the design, when the MGA was released, and the MGTF, all the
purists screamed. Now the F, while it is not a *real* MG built in Abingdon,
it is still an MG by name and there are people in the UK building these cars
with the MG spirit. Car companies change all the time, so I think we should
all be proud of this little car, as perhaps the start of a new generation of
MG sports cars. I for one think it's great. :)

I've also seen a lot of RV8's (lots of pics on my website at: ) and yes they are nice looking, but looks
wise they are simply body kitted MGB's. Thats it. Pure and simple. Hardly a
step forward but lovely cars, with that great V8 engine. The F is the car
that has put MG back on the map, I can't wait for the next model! Hopefully
it will look a little better too, enough to make me spend that spare
$55,000AUD  I have in my back pocket.. ;) Well, $54,000 after last night.


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