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RE: Roll Cages

To: "Brinkman, Gerardo V" <>
Subject: RE: Roll Cages
From: "Dodd, Kelvin" <>
Date: Fri, 10 Sep 1999 12:42:39 -0700
Safety Devices (they have a web page, I think) was the hot ticket for bolt
together roll cages.  They produced many of the cages used in Pro Rally
production class racing, both here and in Europe.

I would not class their products as "off the peg".  Each one is designed
specifically for the intended vehicle.  I used to race Pro Rally and
co-drove a SD equipped Plymouth Fire Arrow.  The cage was incredible!  Very
well engineered with an easily removed rear cross brace.  Fold the rear seat
down, install the cross brace, go racing.  The only modification to the
chassis was to take a chunk out of the overhead light console.  The owner of
that car went through 4 shells including some multiple rollovers, without
having any cage failures.
It doesn't take an ME (I am one by the way) to figure that the gussetted,
sleeved connections are stronger than the typical welded "in situ" full
cage.  The inside overhead butt welds tend to be very difficult to get

Safety Devices is the only company that I am aware of that offers an MGB GT
bolt in cage.  I would recomend their products.  But they are UK and pricey.

Building a roll cage for a GT is going to be tricky to get right as the
welds are going to be up in the roof area with limited access.  To get the
strongest connections we would often cut the roof off a rally car, to ensure
the best possible welds.  Easier to reweld the top on, than to deal with
blind overheads.

I have a Hobrecht roll bar in my BGT V6 that is a nice fit.  It mounts on
the deck with supports going to the wheel wells.  If they still have the
pattern it would make a good starting point.

When I had the cage made for my Austin Marina Pro Rally car (ok, stop
laughing).  The welder managed to melt my rear wiring harness (it runs
behind the roof structure).  It took me a couple of hours to figure our why
I had Gremlins in my rear lighting.

Ok, that's probably more than any one wanted to know.  I look forward to
seeing Larry's cage.

> When you mention roll-cage, I assume you mean a full cage
> and not a roll-bar. if this is the case, I would stay very 
> far away from the "off-the-peg" type of roll-cages. 
> If you are going to race the car, have a roll-cage custom 
> built around  the occupant. Believe me there is nothing mire
> dangerous than being in a race car where some part of the 
> rollcage is interfering with the driver (usually the helmet 
> banging on the top side hoop. 
> I have had 3 full roll-cage built in the past 9 years, and
> at the end of the day they all turned out superior than the 
> "off-the-peg" variety. What value do you place on your life ?
> gerry

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