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Re: temperature guage update

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Subject: Re: temperature guage update
From: "oliver" <>
Date: Mon, 8 May 2006 08:22:26 -0500
this was fun!

i plugged in a new sending unit, fresh from moss, and it too pinned the
guage to the right. (H)

i attached another guage that i had around, although i don't know if it is
accurate or really works, and it pinned right as well.

i then removed the new sending unit, put the old one back in,  and now the
guage appears to read correctly!!!!  until the outside temperature gets hot
again i won't know for sure, but this seems a good sign.

meanwhile, i have returned the new sending unit and asked for a replacement.

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Sent: Monday, May 08, 2006 3:34 AM
Subject: Re: temperature guage

> How do the numbers on the face-plates differ?  I did find one reference to
> that number as being for an MGB but it didn't say which model or year.
> After the gauge changed to become the single electric in late 67 it
> again for the 72 model year, and again for the 77 model year.  This last
> the subsidiary reference number BT 2231/01 in the Parts Catalogue, but the
> other two do not have a BT number, so your number could be either of the
> earlier items, and if the face plate numbering is different is probably
> 'other' one.  However, how do you know it is the gauge and not the sender?
> Or the wiring?  And the gauge is calibratable over quite a large range, if
> it is reading but not pointing to the right area.  If it isn't reading at
> all, or very low, ground the green/blue at the sender on the head and the
> needle should move smartly up to the H.  Only ground it long enough to see
> if it does get to the H, and if it does the problem is the sender.  If
> ground the green/blue on the back of the gauge - *NOT* the green - and if
> the needle moves up to H then it is the wiring.
> PaulH.
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> > i have a 73 cbb roadster, and the temperature guage is not being
> i
> > purchased an infra red sensor, so i can tell the real temperature, and
> that
> > ain't it!!!
> >
> > i ran across a unit that is Part number BT 2220/02.  will that work for
> me?

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