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Race seat installation

To: MG LIST <>
Subject: Race seat installation
From: Eric Erickson <>
Date: Wed, 10 May 2006 00:22:04 +0930
I have just obtained a pair of Sparco race seats (the cheap Sprint  
Junior seats - ).  I  
have seen these in MGB rally cars, so I am pretty certain they fit  
but my first test indicates that they are a tight fit at the front  
against the tunnel.

My question is about fitting them in the car.  At least for the  
drivers' side I will be using the matching "slider" mount.  My  
concern is about the strength of the floor that I will be bolting the  
seats to.  On the passenger side I actually tore a hole out of the  
floor when struggling to free up a seized bolt in the original seat.   
The floor isn't very thick, is it?

According to our regulations, "the attachment points shall be  
reinforced by the use of plates of not less than 75mm x 50mm x 3mm  

Of course I trust that this reinforcement is adequate but has anyone  
done anything to generally reinforce the floor of their 'B (or felt  
it was necessary)?

Adelaide, South Australia

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