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Re: E-brake cable problem

To: "Jim Tinkham" <>, <>
Subject: Re: E-brake cable problem
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Tue, 9 May 2006 16:36:04 +0100
The parking brake (it's not an emergency brake, it is useless in an
emergency i.e. if the footbrake fails) cable should loop round on the
*right*-hand side of the car from the prop-shaft tunnel to the back of the
diff, not the left, which is where it seems to be if it is fouling the
exhaust.  It also seems to be very slack if it caught up anyway.  Both of
which could well be why I've never heard of it before, FWIW.  Shouldn't have
stretched either, given the force that it takes in normal use.  Maybe it is
so loose that the something had jumped out of proper seating i.e. the outer
from one of its 'sockets' or the inner from one of its attachments, and is
nor correctly seated, making it looser.


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> Last night I got under the car to check my theory that the e-brake cable
had hung up on something.  I was totally right.  It had hung up on the front
of the muffler.  Got it off and with the exception that the cable seems to
have stretched some all was well.
> My questions are - is this common?  How can I prevent it from happening
again, I don't see anything incorrect in how it is currently installed?

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