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torque setting on manifolds

To: Batans List <>
Subject: torque setting on manifolds
From: Malcolm Jeffcock <>
Date: Sat, 27 May 2006 19:57:54 -0300
            My Bentley Manual for my MGB says the torque settings for the 
manifolds is 15 lbs. That seems pretty low to me to ensure that there would be 
no air intake/exhaust leaks. Normally I'd just go with Bentley but it isn't 
without typos in the manual so I figure before I put the carbs on I would check 
with the collective knowledge of all of you.

            Let me know you thoughts as to proper torque for nuts of the studs 
that hold on the exhaust and intake manifolds. I hope to install on Sunday 
afternoons so if you have an opinion please share it ASAP.


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