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Re: Brake Trouble!!

Subject: Re: Brake Trouble!!
From: Bob Howard <>
Date: Sun, 8 Oct 2006 17:47:00 -0400
   Someone suggested checking the rear rubber hose.  If it's more than a
couple of years old, you would do well to replace it regardless of its
appearance.  Hoses can appear fine yet have internal deterioration that
stops proper back-and-forth fluid movement.
   Another thing to check is the metal line on the axle.  If that has
been flattened the effect is like kinking a garden hose to stop the water
flow.  A common cause of crushed brake lines is the use of a tow chain
around the axle when pulling a car up onto a flatbed truck. 
   That shuttle valve in the pressure warning device may be the problem,
but when I managed to get it off to one side in my '72 MBB the front and
rear brakes worked OK.  I bled the system to my satisfaction, then
re-centered the shuttle. In the shop manual is a procedure for getting
the shuttle centered. It works, but it is fiddley and you will need a
   I believe that your Midget and the same-year MGBs use the same MC. 
The first time I rebuilt it there was a defective cup in the kit and rear
brakes did not work.  A replacement cup ( I think I got it at NAPA )
fixed that problem. Also, if that link (looks like a chain link) is
broken the cup will not be pulled back into position to pump a second
stroke of fluid to the rear brakes.    
   My original problem and continuing problem was of the leaking. I
rebuilt it three times and never could do it without leaking, bought a
new one that leaked, and was replaced, and the replacment leaked, so
eventually sent the second new one to White Post.  

On Sat, 7 Oct 2006 15:54:38 -0500 "John Roberts" <>
> Listers!
>  I am having some brake troubles with my 71 Midget.> 
> I have rebuilt the master cylinder. 
> I have rebuilt the calipers. 
> I have new brake pads. 
> I have bled the front brakes so that no air bubbles come out of the 
> line when the brake pedal is depressed. 
> However, I have mushy brakes that won't stop the car!!> 
> When I disconnected the driver side rear brake line from the rear 
> drum brake and depressed the pedal, NO FLUID CAME OUT.> 
> Any suggestions of what the problem is or what I can test to find 
> out? 
> My only idea is that the pressure warning light valve is jammed or 
> broken such that no pressure can build up. 
> HELP!!  Much thanks for your time as always!> 
> ALSO, here are some pictures of the rebuilt front end (new tie rods 
> have not come in yet, so I had to put the old ones back on)> 
> AFTER:> 
> John Roberts 
> 71 Midget 
> Birmingham, ALt

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