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Re: rats

Subject: Re: rats
From: don <>
Date: Sun, 08 Oct 2006 16:21:37 -0700
At least cats don't chew the wiring, upholstery, and soundproofing, nor 
leave droppings and other woodland debris throughout the car.  The worst 
things cats have done to my cars is sleep on the convertible tops and leave 
them stretched, which I learned to avoid by placing plywood on the car when 

At 02:59 PM 10/08/2006, you wrote:

>If you can get a cloth dampened with tiger, wolf, or similar nasty bitey 
>beast urine, then put it under car - cats will not go near the car !!  And 
>you probably won't either.
>At 01:19 PM 10/8/2006, Phil Bates wrote:
>>Ok, I don't want to open up the whole cat discussion again on here 
>>(although most will have forgotten it - it was several years back) -
>>Best bait for traps is peanut butter.  That's all I know.
>>Phil Bates
>>don wrote:
>>>Hello List,
>>>I have several cars that are kept in a garage and in a carport, both in 
>>>a wooded area.  Rats are knawing the wiring, and other parts of the cars 
>>>as well as depositing acorns and other items in various places in the cars.
>>>Does anyone have any rat control experience?
>>>Don Scott
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