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Re: Head Gasket

To: Malcolm Jeffcock <>
Subject: Re: Head Gasket
From: Bill King <>
Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2006 21:09:59 -0400
Malcolm Jeffcock wrote:
> Thanks for all the input in reply to my question about my possible blown head 
> I took off the head tonight (down to 1.5 hrs now) and sure enough there is a 
>gap of about 1/2 inch gone between #1 and #2. Nothing appears to be damaged 
>around #4 though.
> I got another gasket set at NAPA, they only listed the one type of head 
>gasket nothing specific for a high compression engine. The guy at NAPA told me 
>that a local speed shop (prepares MASCAR engines) uses a copper sealant spray 
>to "strengthen the head gaskets" I expressed doubt and surprise. He got out 
>the catalogue, its the same company that makes the tube gasket stuff that 
>usually says on the label "not for head gaskets". I can't for the life of me 
>remember the name of the company but I am sure you have all seen the tubes I 
>mean...Anyway the catalogue description specially stated its purpose as for 
>head gaskets! He had none in stock but will have some in tomorrow. Has anybody 
>used any of this stuff????
> I can't see any reason for the gasket to go there. Its a different head I 
>will again use a straight edge to check for it being flat between the 1 and 2. 
> any body have $.02 to through my way?
I used Loctite Copper Gasket Adhesive on my motorcycle's base and head 
gaskets.  It says it improves heat transfer, I used it because it was 
recommended by a mechanic and I figured it couldn't hurt.  Don't know 
about the heat transfer part but there are no leaks.  Got mine at Autozone.

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