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Re: [TR] Re: Gear Ratios (General Automotive Question)

Subject: Re: [TR] Re: Gear Ratios (General Automotive Question)
From: Stephen Bartley <>
Date: Sat, 21 Oct 2006 13:38:44 -0400
Hello List

Longtime Digest lurker/First post in a very long while

My winter project is going to be a gearbox rebuild, the car has the  
early 3 main/3 synchro setup. I had contemplated an OD gearbox but I  
just don't drive on the highway often enough to warrant the expense,  
and I want to keep the early feel to the car. Right now there is  
pretty much no 2nd gear synchro, I have to baby it on upshifts and  
downshifts into 2nd are a grind-fest, and the clutch is grabbing  
higher & higher.

What I'm looking for is advice on what else to do while the motor and  
gearbox are out of the car. I plan on the obvious like a clutch set  
and new gearbox mounts, the motor runs strong with excellent oil  
pressure & I don't have the finances for a total rebuild ofthe motor.

I need to know what I should do (if anything) to the motor and box  
since I don't hope to pull it again for several years. I'll probably  
do a new oil pan gasket and maybe a new rear main seal? Are there any  
other "trouble" items or things that are more easily accessed while  
the motor is out of the car? Etc. I'm open to any ideas/comments!

Thanks in advance!
Steve Bartley
Portsmouth NH
1963 MGB

We'll Throw All Our Cares Away......... It's a Ragtop  
Day............. J. Buffett

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