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Re: [Mgs] help please- value of MGA pieces

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Subject: Re: [Mgs] help please- value of MGA pieces
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Date: Thu, 22 Oct 2009 00:55:25 -0500
I suggest that you obtain a current copy of the "Old Cars Price Guide" or go 
to  and do some comparison. I think that you will 
find that your MGA MKII roadster in #3 condition  is still worth a bit more 
than a 67 MGB in #2 condition.
A complete MKII engine (should be 1622cc) as a rebuildable core should be 
worth about
$500.00 ,transmission about $150.00 as a rebuildable core, the 1600 engine 
about  $300.00.  Seats 30 to 50 each (for the frames). Windshied frame a 
$100.00 all day long.
    The MGB would have to be in #1 or a very good #2 condition to make a 
good trade, so check it (have it checked) very carefully. Opinions will 
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Subject: [Mgs] help please- value of MGA pieces

> Fellow MG nuts,
> I am in the midst of a trade- I am trading my '62 MGA Mk II roadster which 
> is a driver, for a '67 MGB roadster which is in much nicer shape.  My MGA 
> could use a paint job, no rust, looks ok, but not beautiful.  The MGB has 
> new paint, and it's correct colour.
> I realize MGAs are more valuable than MGBs, and the difference in 
> condition offsets some or all of this amount.  To make the deal go, I am 
> throwing in a Mk II engine and transmission, complete with carbs, a 1600 
> engine, MGA seats (not beautiful), and MGA windshield (broken, but frame 
> is fine).  All this stuff has been sitting for a long time, so not 
> possible to gauge condition of the mechanical parts.
> My question is this- what is the value of the pieces listed?  Anyone 
> willing to help?  I can see if there's a consensus and let that be a 
> guideline.
> Thanks!
> Don  .
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