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Re: [Mgs] too rich or too lean?

To: Aaron Whiteman <>
Subject: Re: [Mgs] too rich or too lean?
From: The Roxter <>
Date: Sun, 25 Oct 2009 12:13:03 -0500
Aaron Whiteman wrote:
> Or just bad gas?
> As I wrote yesterday, I drove to the airport in the MG.  Before I left
> town, I filled the tank.  The car would spit at cruise occasionally,
> worse at 55-60.  At 65, it ran perfectly, so I just went a little over
> the speed limit for the 70 mile trip.
> Just a quick flight to Seattle, watch the Sounders beat Dallas, and
> return the same night (almost missed the return flight, but that's
> irrelevant).
> Anyway, when I got back to Spokane at midnight, it was 350 and
> frosty.  The spitting issue was much worse coming home.  Essentially,
> after a half-mile of steady speed cruising, she would start this pop-
> pop-pop shutter.  If I were climbing a hill, or accelerating
> moderately, no problems.  I've recently set the timing and set the
> carbs.
> The archives have one similar account, from 1999:
> Unfortunately, in my tired state, I was concentrating so hard on the
> road in front of me, I didn't think of using the choke to see if the
> problem eases.
> So, this sort of thing... is it normally from too much gas or not 
Since it takes more fuel to accelerate, it sounds like it's running rich. Might 
have a choke stuck partly on or might be the needle valve leaking in a float 

-The Roxter


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