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Re: [Mgs] Something (or things) leaks - how to locate the source?

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Subject: Re: [Mgs] Something (or things) leaks - how to locate the source?
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Date: Fri, 31 May 2019 08:56:56 +0100 PQK7239wX3dEa48cB8Rm6H+Nt/YbfS/3IAmd1q/HR3tO9VStNwK/QBSKCNWTAMA8cslVJ3CHhP9IJw==
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Fluids can travel other than straight down even on a stopped engine, more so 
with a running engine, and especially coolant which can be flung everywhere 
if you have a water pump seal leak.

Start from the top and work down, cleaning and solving as you go, puffing 
talc can be pretty good at showing a source.

If you see a leak unless the fastening is actually loose further tightening 
rarely stops it.  In fact it can make things worse as it can distort the 
faces and make the gap bigger.


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> After working on my 1980 MGB last summer I had the car running but it was 
> leaking. I parked it on the lift and I'm just getting back to it now. It 
> seems to be leaking both oil and coolant. 




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