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Re: Kano Labs Products

Subject: Re: Kano Labs Products
From: Richard Beels <>
Date: Thu, 09 Sep 1999 15:01:06 -0400
It's all good stuff.  I've used Kroil, SiliKroil (Kroil w/Silicone), a 
couple of their lubes - Graphetite or Penephite or something.  And some of 
their rust protectant.  All works great and they have great service as 
well.  I had a gallon container of Kroil start leaking on me and they 
replaced the whole container, for free.

At 05:47 PM 9/8/1999 ,  Tom Coradeschi was inspired to say:

>Their penetrating oil Kroil, etc is the best I've ever seen. Not tried any
>of their other stuff.


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