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siamese compressors

Subject: siamese compressors
From: Fred Zampa <>
Date: Wed, 08 Sep 1999 16:15:07 -0400
hi listers:
          I want to thank all of those who helped with my question about
how to set up a two compressor system. Special thanks to Eric Murray, Mark
Miller, Mike Sloan, Doug Shook,
Randall Young, Ron Olds, and Mike Frerichs.

The high number of replies is and indication that the set up is more
complicated than i had guessed.

 I have decided to run two seperate #10 wires with knife switches .   I
will  "T"  both compressors into the main line and use either a ball valve
or one-way valve on each one.   That way i can completely shut off one
compressor for routine use and still use two
for sand blasting. The concensus seems to be that both compressors will
operate if the working pressure goes low
enough to reach the bottom settings of both pressure switches. Certainly,
in my experience, THAT won't be a problem.

Mark has also noted that he is jealous given tha he has only 
a small compressor himself.  I know the feeling -probably we all do. But
eventually there just comes a time when you just can't take working with
inadequate tools,(or space, or informtion, or parts) any more. For me that
time came just as a great deal on two gas station compressors appeared in
the want ads.  NOW, about a hoist....

       thanks. fred zampa

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