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Subject: Re: Welders
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1999 13:07:54 -0600

I've had my SP-100 for about the same amount of time and it is great for sheet
metal. I use CO2 and 0.025 wire in it. I have an autodimming helmet, and a
halogen lamp that mounts on top of the torch handle.  The helmt and the light
make it real easy to see your work and get good welds. I was going to buy the
SP-170 (220 volt), but decided the 110 version would be more flexible. For heavy
stuff, I bought a used Lincoln 225 AC stick welder. I have used it to weld on
the frame and rear axle of my old truck. The welds have a lot more spatter than
with a mig, but for heavy stuff you usually dont care.
I also have a Victor  gas torch setup that I almost never use any more. All I
need now is a plasma cutter and a tig.
Can anyone give me some good reasons to get these? I havent bought any new
equipment for awhile. I tried using a tig in a class to weld some stainless, but
thought it was a lot more difficult to master than a mig.
Hope this helps,

Bob Chansler

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Subject:  Re: Welders

Hi Tom:

About 6 years ago I bought a Lincoln SP-100 MIG welder. It works great.
It runs about 100 amps. Plenty of power for stuff up to 1/4 inch but can
be reduced to handle auto sheet metal with no problem. I use it with gas
or with Lincoln's "Innershield" wire without gas. It has a 30% duty
cycle but I have never had it shutdown. It's quiet, a very professional,
overbuilt unit. I think it was around $700.00 through Sears.

Hope this helps.

Jerry Judge
Jupiter, Florida

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